Custom Heat Engraving
ADD to any of our Handcrafted Rustic Creations!

This is where we burn letters or a graphic design image into the leather by hand (no computer, stamp, laser, or machine is used).  Because it is all by hand, we can do different fonts, styles, spacing, sizing, etc.  It is like drawing with a pen that is really hot and burns the leather. 
(Important note - we burn it therefore it comes out black so doing this on black leather would not make sense because you wouldn't be able to see it very well.)

  • Initials: $20
  • Full name: $30
  • Design graphic: prices on this vary greatly, please contact us for a quote!
    - We can do things such as clip-art, logos, brands, patterns, graphics, etc.  Size and detail amount plays a big role in price difference.

* Rather do it yourself?  I will sell you the exact same tool I use to create custom heat engravings by hand!  Email me for details!  

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Call us at:  (801) 589-6773
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Email me a picture of what you want engraved and I will let you know if I can engrave it or not as well as give you a price quote!